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Hi Xavier,

My collection is based on the issuers in a country, so I use Ceylon, British Honduras and Kingdom of Egypt for the periods that they were active. I understand that you're not going to change that back, so I won't make a plea for that. What I would like to ask is that you make that information available in the API. I would like to see the information indicated by the red arrows in the screenshots below, preferrably with the years that it was in effect. That way, I can still manage my collection the way that I used to.

Thank you in advance.

They say "Pecunia non olet", but I know better...
I realise that this change would only benefit a few, but it would be of great help. So a friendly bump here :)
They say "Pecunia non olet", but I know better...
Hello smvdbrink,
I added new fields to the API:
  • ruler > wikidata_id
  • ruler > group > id
  • ruler > group > name (for example "Ceylon")
  • obverse > unabridged_legend
  • reverse > unabridged_legend
  • edge > unabridged_legend
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