[API][v3] Some inconsistencies in schema

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I'm in the middle of the process of migrating my unofficial JavaScript SDK to API v3.

Looking at the "POST /types" parameter, I see that the "obverse", "reverse", "edge" and "watermark" fields has the "coin_side_update" schema, while the new "type_side_update" seems unused.

Is this a problem with documentation, or the endpoints haven't still upgraded to the new schema? I expected that the old "POST /coins" implemented "coin_side_update", while the new "POST /types" implements "type_side_update".

By the way, Numista seems to use Swagger to document its API. Do you intend to expose the Swagger YAML in the future? I'd be interested in experimenting with Swagger-based code and type generations, as keeping track of the changes manually can be bug prone.

Thanks for reporting this. I fixed the error in the documentation (you may need to refresh your browser cache).

The Swagger YAML file is available at https://api.numista.com/api/doc/swagger.yaml
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