[API][v3] Adding item using POST endpoint fails when specifying valid collection id (int)

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I tried to make real sure on this one lol...

When submitting a POST to /users/{user_id}/collected_items, a 400 with the message "Invalid collection <collection_id>" even when the int specified in the error message is valid.


I detailed the Python calls and process, as well as included a verbose debugging output in a gist here:

You can see where i fetch the list of collections with IDs to verify the ID is valid for the user.

I also Verified this behavior was consistent by using the API Client in the API Documentation GUI using the same data used as the input to the Python SDK. (Attached Pictures)


Let me know if more details are needed. Thanks!
Thanks for your thorough testing! It's fixed.
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Excellent, thanks for the fast turn around!

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