What the heck happened to this 1916 Australian half penny?

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Hi All,

It appears that the coin was struck normally then found itself back in the minting press for a second weaker strike.

Obverse has a weaker inner circle from the reverse imprinted on it and you can see "Half Penny" rotated by about 230 degrees over Georges bust. You can see the reverse legend overstruck on the obverse legend.

Reverse has the obverse legend struck over, which has obliterated some of the lettering

Any thoughts?
Sandwiched between two other pennies in a roll and somehow they were squished? I really have no idea, but that's what I'm picturing in my head. Not sure two similar metals could imprint on each other though.

Hmmm, actually I think my idea would leave impressions of the words, not raise them up as it appears in your photo.
Hi Slipstreamed,

The over struck lettering looks like it stands slightly proud of the first strike.
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Cant say for certain but I definitely see some grafitti on both sides.
Looks like it was double struck with the coin flipped between strikes.

Hi All !

perhaps the result of a die-clash?

Coins minted after a die clash will show the damage of the dies which hit one against the other, leaving the design of one die partialy “minted” on the other die.


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