Thoughts please. 1855 5 Francs Napoleon III coin.

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I have this coin:  1855 5 Francs Napoleon III, weight 23.56g, appears to be brass or bronze.


The catalog list this coin as: 1855 5 Francs Napoleon III, weight 25g (.900) Silver.


Please, any thoughts on this coin.


Thank You.

It is a silver coin, when not counterfeited! Please show us an image of your coin?

Coin variants in English:
In French on Cobra's site (not the same)

Hi! If the coin's weight is 23g. and something,it is surelly a fake of the genuine silver 5 francs of 25g. The difference between the 2 weights is too big…

No need of additional data! Sorry for the bad news!

Thank You both.  I kind of figured it was a fake.

Does it say “ESSAI” anywhere on the coin?

It does not sat “ESSAI” on it.  Thank You.

100% fake coin you have! The other member was thinking of a pattern marked ESSAI,but it is not the case…

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