Probably an Unknown Minting or Die Error on this Coin!? [solved]

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 I've had this polish coin below for a while, but it has an interesting error, which I cant't find information about anywhere.

 I known and understand that this coin has numerous replicas, but I believe that is not the case here. My coin has the same material and diameter, in addition to the weight with very little difference that I think is normal, even more in emergencial wartime coins, (my coin has about 6.75 to 6.80 grams) (and the official coin on Numista's page for example has 6.98 grams; has another example on Numista in the Exonumia section with a replica with over 12 grams).

 My question at this moment is not about the total veracity of its authenticity, but about the present error on this coin.

 Look at the reverse of it, below, at the word “IN” in the legend that has an inverterd. I found a interesting error and I would like to know if any of you have come across something like this.

 Thank you all!!!


If you are talking about specific catalog entries please always provide a link


This coin was made out of aluminium and only very few were made, so there was most likely no more then a single die.


Flipping of letters or number often happens in medieval coinage were they made many dies not always done by the master engraver but an apprentice and dies were to precious to throw out because of that.

I think the engraver intentionally inserted this error so as not to cheat the collector.
It often happens for Chinese coins where the counterfeiter winks to tell the collector that it is not a genuine coin.


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