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So recently I had a dispute on one website regarding coin I sold in an older gen of PCGS slabs. Buyer was likely new to numismatics so I had plenty of patience until the point when he started to accuse me of selling fake. Then I went at him full power-no mercy and won the dispute. It was a silver coin I personally sent for grading, 62.5 percent silver, beautiful, MS62. 


Older generation of PCGS slabs (with QR code on the backside) are extremely difficult to tamper with, to the point it is impossible to open them without breaking the whole case. Barcode on both front and back side of holders can be scanned with PCGS Cert app and will redirect you to PCGS website with all the data and pics of the coin, which you can compare with your coin. THERE IS NO NFC CHIPS in them, and app will not return anything like "this coin and case have been certified by PCGS" as is the case with new NFC slabs


As well, it should be kept in mind that silver surface could still be modified inside a slab because for lower silver content, atoms of other elements in silver alloy can diffuse and form dark spots on surface. Toning in principle is kept as it is in the moment of slabbing the coin and will not get worse or better with time because there is no air flow and oxidation. So the coin can have slight discrepancies on the looks on surface from like 10 or 20 yr old picture on PCGS website


Newer generation of PCGS slabs, the one with the shield can be scanned with NFC reader on the back and barcode reader on the front and it is “safer” than previous generation because “app says so and coin and holder are verified by PCGS”, while holders are exactly the same and tamper proof.


Don't fall for stories that there are fake slabs around. There are not. It is well known how real slabs and labels look like. It is usually US people that complain on these things because sometimes it takes healthy pair of eyes and comparing pictures with database on PCGS website to see that the coin is real. Everyone has to put effort when doing numismatics, it is not a hobby for lazy people lol. 



Here is also the link with all generations of PCGS holders till this date



I like my PCGS slabbed coins to be in gen 1 rattler holders:

Rattlers are quite nice holders and add a bit of historical feature. They look nice with Morgans and various cents


My favorite are gen 6.0. Pretty solid and hard, tampering-proof, not easy to scratch, air tight-sealed with some small and subtle anti-counterfeit features, transparent enough to see even tiniest scratches on coin without much effort and technology friendly

It depends and your generalizations are misleading to the novice. You should definitely be aware that there are indeed fake PCGS Slabs. Mostly coming from China of course. Notice the date this article was written. 15 years ago. Due diligence.



There is a difference in misrepresenting item on ebay and fake holders. Last two-three generations of slabs have so many hidden features + images in PCGS database that it is impossible to reproduce both coin and slab to a convincing degree. Basically anything newly graded is safe for even novice buyer. 


Both PCGS and NGC have specific ways of making slabs and it is company specific

Even counterfeiters from China dont want to put effort because they want quick buck and quality of “ fakes ” there is quite bad. Even for other stuff like TCG cards, jewellry and so on. It is very exaggerated.


I would be concerned if quality of fakes isnt such that a 10 yr old kid could pick them up

I would remind you that Numista is a place to learn, discuss, investigate, gain knowledge, and grow. Many of the members and those who only visit occasionally to ask questions are new to the hobby and have no idea about such issues. It may be simple and clear for some, but I assure you many would not know where to start in identifying counterfeit slabs or counterfeit coins. Again, due diligence in every aspect of the hobby is key for everyone.

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