Roman Silver Coins Authentication

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Hello everyone here I have been offered these roman silver coins. The Faustina and severus denarri look good to me, however I am unsure of the other. Can anyone experienced authenticate them please? Thank you so much!

The least you can do is to include the dimensions, if you really want somebody to help you, don't you think?

Coin varieties in French:

I will ask the seller, will post them later thank you 

I would say the top two were harshly cleaned.

Pitted by acid.  Avoid.

Thank you so much for the lookout! Will post the weights and diameters as soon as seller provides them!

Hello there! I love collecting old coins! I don't swap coins, i just keep my collection here on Numista and i ask for help and try to help others here! Happy coin collecting! 🪙

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