Proposals for a euro coin in the Czech Republic

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The proposal to adopt the euro is already resonating in Czech society, politicians do not yet have a clear plan.  However, the media is already voting on what the 2 euro coin should look like.  Which would you prefer?  I believe that there will be a euro by 2028.

My choice is 🏰 Prague Castle in the mother of cities,, Prague mater urbium,,


 I think this is clearly legible which country the euro belongs to.  This is us! What? 


The last image is clearly the best option as a first Czech 1 Euro, but maybe some of the other designs could be used to celebrate Czech culture sometime in the future (see German Commemorative 2 Euro coins).

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If you are clever, stay away from this ******* euro as far as possible; it will increase your  prices and decrease your income. I am talking from experience, can run,  but you can't hide...

 I also agree with the Prague Castle. I don't like too much human face in standard coins so it drops down most of options.


As someone who wants to collect Czech coins, this is an interesting thread.

April Fool - :)

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Fantastic !!!!


Love it.  More please next year.



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Sad news… the Ceska Koruna has been doing very well without the Euro, if really there is no way arround it, then I vote for the last two models 😉 but would prefer spending koruni when I am there (a couple times/year). Slovakia went Euro à long time ago, prices went up fast !!!

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