Mule £2 coin/error? [solved]

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Hello all, I found this in change, usually I don't worry about the regular designs but this one stood out to me. For some reason the queen's side is that of a commemorative issue with the added “two pounds” script below the head. I'm not very good with the errors but I believe this might be one, any help would be greatly appreciated :) thank you


 My opinion, from only pictures, without coin in hand … 


Reverse looks alright.


1 the portrait somehow does not look correct  

2 it is more shiny than the reverse 

3 can not see where the two metals meet 

so maybe one metal painted in middle 

4 some border beads look duplicated, top left - meaning

most likely 98% of obverse removed and a fake thin 

slice glued in, with the original rim still there 

 So, not sure why a forger would put it in circulation. 

Other possibility, a genuine ‘mule’. Will see what other members think. 

Get closeups, look for a gap here:


 Yes - agreed. Just made this also, with numbers referring to my reply … 


 Where the original rim is dull and the rest shiny. 

Thank you all, I had a feeling it was fake too but was unsure, here's a photo of the edge if it helps, to me the writing looks mushed (like 2 metals stuck together?) but like I said I'm no expert on these errors. I'm afraid technology isn't my greatest so that's as far as I can zoom in. I will put it in my fakes/curiosities drawer for now

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If our theory is correct, the edge would be from the original coin and is correct.

 Agreed - all the edge and reverse are genuine. 

Just most of the obverse has been added afterwards. 

Odd question on top but do you know why someone would make this? Impossible to answer really but just some thoughts would be welcome :) 

 To make money, pretending it was an error coin. 

So for the £4 plus 5 minutes work, make a lot more money. 

Though as I mentioned earlier, how did it then get into circulation? 

Maybe someone realised they had been tricked after they bought if for 

goodness knows how much, and cut their loss and just spent it. 

 Still assuming it is not a genuine error coin. 

Interesting. I'd agree and say someone realised they'd been done and just put it back in for £2. Dread to imagine what they paid for it. Thanks all again for the help :) 

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An engineered mule/error coin, it would be nigh impossible for the mint to make such a monumental mistake, yes there is the mule 20p and the mule 2p but they run into the high hundreds if not thousands. This however looks like two coins from different dates. I have the mule 2p and there is absolutely no question that it is a genuine mule but this ???

In my Liverpool home

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