Decimal UK penny portcullis varieties

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I read the other day that there were two varieties of portcullis on the decimal UK penny. Considering how many of these I must have handled in my lifetime it surprises me that I hadn't noticed them before. I have taken photos of them and put them on my site - the link below will take anyone interested to the page.

Portcullis Varieties
That's why I love coin collecting, no matter how long you've been collecting there are still little suprises to be had.
Miraculous that nobody noticed it before!

If I understand your information correctly, this makes KM#935a stand out as opposed to the rest. So there is no subvariety within one and the same KM?

Or is that something which we, collectors, should start hunting for?
No in 1995 and 1996 only type2 was used and in 1998 as far as I know their was a switch back to type1 and type2 was not used at all. All years before 1992 would have been the first type.
I have a very vague memory of someone telling me about varieties on the brass 3d portcullis.

It is possible I'm confusing a faulty memory with the 1p types, or equally likely I dreamed it up under of fog of alcohol or recreational chemistry.

It's bugging me now, like those elusive deja vu moments or a name on the tip of your tongue, has anyone else heard of 3d variations?
Non illegitimis carborundum est.  Excellent advice for all coins.
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There are brass 3d varieties concerning the corners so I think the portcullises are worth checking out.

The Pennies must have been spotted before now but I only read about it the other day. It isn't in the 'Bronze Coinage of Great Britain' by Michael J Freeman because the coins of 1992 and onwards are copper plated steel.

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