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Hi to All

After trying for years to find a way to suggest correction to the Krause Catalogues, I finally found a way to make suggestions directly to the publisher.  With the OK from the publisher, I share the various steps and links with you all.

These suggested corrections will be for coins and bank notes as they are published in the Catalogues.  Any types of errors and changes can also be given here.  It will however be necessary to register on the site for free, or you could purchase electronic access to the newest catalogues if you choose.  

To explain to you how it works, I will use an example of an actual coin that needs to be corrected on the website and the printed catalogues.
• I have a South African 50 cent from 2002 with a diving cricket player on it.
• Looking through the catalogues I find there are two of these, KM276 and KM329 but they both have the date of 2003
• After comparing the languages, I realize that the one coin’s date in the catalogue is wrong, KM329 must be dated 2002.
• To suggest the change, I go to the website
• Log in and then go to the button at the top that is called “Find my coin” and click on it
• Here you have to enter the information on the coin so it can be located on the website: Country and KM number should be enough, now click on "find my coin" inside the box
• On the next page, have a look at the information and ask yourself: Is the information on the website correct or not.
• If yes, the next catalogue will have the corrected information in and you do not need to suggest any changes.
• If the information is not correct, you can now suggest your corrections.
• Click on the small box left of the KM number and click on the button left bottom called “View selected Coin”
• You now see even more information about the coin.
• Click on the button, should be third from the left bottom, called “Suggest changes”
• The page opens where you can make the changes you would like to suggest.
• At the bottom there is also a comments field
• You can also upload the pictures to support your suggested changes, if need be.
• The click on the bottom “Send suggestion”
• And you are done.

I hope that we will all send our corrections to these great catalogues.

And by the way, these coins are correct on this website.

Ex-South African now living in Germany
Thank you for bringing this to our attention Philip.  
Yes, they have listed a few non-circulating issues for Canada in the latest Circulating Issues catalog that I was hoping to correct.

I also wonder why they only list prices in MS-63 for almost all Canadian coins, even the early ones...
Not seldomly, Numista forum posts conclude with a common agreement that Krause appears to be wrong in some place or another.

I think this information is valuable for Krause as well, and it is great to see that in fact there is a way to suggest corrections.

We should push more updates in their direction. Two-way communication with Krause would be a real emancipation of the Numista community. And well deserved.
Thanks to all for the positive feedback.

I have established good communications with a man at the Publisher, and he is very keen for us to give through corrections.

I am not quite sure if they would accept suggestions in changing prices as I suppose they get their information from the market place.  Saying that, nothing stops anyone from making a suggestion and or a request, as I suppose "Nalaberong" would do for the Canadian coins.

Please note, these suggestions can be made for the coin and banknote catalogues.

Here is a challenge to all the Numista members: use this forum to suggest corrections, but also use the various aspects of the website to ensure that our information here is the best available.  Please send through updated photos, and information on new coins and tokens.

Ex-South African now living in Germany
Quote: Walder CoinsThank you for bringing this to our attention Philip.
I think it has been a major contribution:
SO: What do you do with it WALDER COINS?

Just to say we like you is not a major step forward...

I always wondered what the sources of Krause are. Do they get their information first hand from the mints? Do they rely on 'specialists' from each country? Do they use local catalogs? Do they do their own measurements?
Hi Chilian

Great question, think many of us have been asking this question.

What is the use of a contact when you can not ask them?  I will ask the Genie in the bottle.

Ex-South African now living in Germany
I have met George Cuhaj (editor) (and actually Chet Krause and Clifford Mischler) and he is a great guy... he actually collects transit tokens.

I also know the contributor for the Isle of Man.

The catalogue is updated each year by expert  contributors in each country/region. I will see if I can get some contact points to share with people so that we can suggest improvements.
If have been a contributor to the KM catalogs for years. As you might know, the situation has changed for KM, se the following mail from Tom Michael.

Hi Ole,

Hope you are doing well and staying healthy!

We are working directly in the database and making changes and updates all the time. You can send your updates to me. Right now I am working from home, so the address and phone number below is not active, however, the email is fine.

As before, I store everyone's input in files awaiting cross referencing and entry. Much of my time lately is also being spent on testing a new website platform for a new live database, which should be available on the web later this year. The first you might seen your updates and lots of other new material would be through this website. We are also publishing the magazines; Numismatic News, Bank Note Reporter, Coins and World Coin News. I have been writing quite a bit for World Coin News since late in the fall of 2019. Mostly new issues updates, auction reports, book reviews and such.

All of the F + W Media books were bought by Penguin Random House. We published the SCWC 1901-2000 47th edition through F + W and then all remaining stock was handed over to PRH. We gave them completed files for the SCWC 2001-Date 14th edition, but they have not yet published that book. PRH is taking pre-orders through Amazon and listing the publication date as August 2020.

I have pre-ordered a copy for myself, because I think that will be the only way for me to obtain a copy of my last book. Keep in mind that I finished the updating for the SCWC 2001-Date 14th edition in July 2019. The only place I have seen PRH offering the old KP book titles is through Amazon.

Many years of work were expelled by many people, myself very much included, to develop the SCWC series of five titles. It would be very sad if no more were ever produced, but that is truly out of my hands at this point. However, I do still have the ability to continue updating the database, as that was bought, along with the magazines, by my new employer Active Interest Media (AIM). AIM is supporting the COTY program and encouraging the build-out for a new website, so I am feeling good about the survival of the data I have spend so much of my life building.

We too have been working from home since March 16th. We get out once a day for a walk and once a week for supplies. All of this is done very close to home and while wearing face masks. I'm glad we are still able to work on the magazines and database! It's important to see that the hobby of coin collecting stays strong.

Best Wishes for good health and happiness,
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