"SM" Mint letter/ mark on Singapore 1 dollar Coin ( KM-103 )

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Hi everyone,
Does this "SM" mint mark or Mint letter really exist on this coin.?
if yes, then where can i find it.? I expect all your suggestions and informations regarding this "SM".

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hey I'm from Singapore and I have never noticed a mint mark on that coin before
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Yes - where is it? If it never appears on that coin then
why does every line on this page below have it?
This is what it looks like though ...
but I cannot see it. Maybe it was only put on proof coins.
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I saw a silver proof coin and it has the sm on it.

So with [blue] the four areas of languages, it appears [green] lower left.
Sometimes [pink] lower right.
But that is only silver coins, not aluminium-bronze [above] coins. Presumably.

Examples - but admittedly different years and denominations ...

So somewhere [on some coins] is a small italic sm logo, like this ...
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also 13750057 also 15924495 also 15995337
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Hi there,

For the sm mark they are only marked on proof coins sets.

Its is been confirmed for afew things.

Singapore 1st series coins.
Be it base metal or silver proof sets, all will have the sm markings according to what I have submitted and what I owned.

Singapore 2nd series coins.
So far, I have never seen before or haven own 1 proof set that is base metal with sm mint mark.

From what I know second series proof sets are in silver and with mint marks. (for both upwards ribbon and downwards ribbon)

Singapore 3rd series coins.
I have seen the packaging for these new third series coins in 2 types. Base metal and silver proof sets. They are release in the year 2013. What I am not really sure is are they with mint marks as I have no up close pics.

If there is any new information I will see if I can take a pic and submit.
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