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Hello and welcome to the forum of Numista!

To maintain a friendly atmosphere and a quality of discussions, please read this policy before using the forum.
  • Respect the members of the site by avoiding derogatory and upsetting messages, as well as non-constructive criticism. Be polite and courteous. Words like "hello" and "thank you" are highly welcome.
  • Put specific titles. Avoid titles like "Help!" or titles that do not indicate the nature of the topic.
  • Do not overuse capital letters, bold or any other layout which would make reading the forum harder.
  • Without having to consider the forum as a literary corner, please do not write in SMS language, and avoid errors in English, which could affect the understanding of messages and the quality of forum.
  • Do not discuss your problems with other members via the forum; please use private messaging.
  • To respect the privacy of everyone, it is forbidden to disclose the address of individuals, or the name of another member on the forum.
  • Messages aiming at stating political or religious views or controversial historic interpretations are not authorized.
  • Pornographic or erotic messages and pictures are not authorized.
  • Purely commercial messages are to be avoided as well.

Posts which do not respect these rules may be amended or deleted by a moderator.

The second time a moderator has to deal with the same member within 24 hours, the member will be banned from the forum for 24 hours to cool down. In such case, only the concerned member will be informed.

The forum is divided into eight categories; please use the right one:
  • Numismatic questions: Questions, information and news about numismatics.
  • Coin identifications and valuations: Ask for information about your coins
  • Swaps and trades: Swapping, buying and selling offers and requests
  • Banknotes: Questions, discussions and information about paper money
  • Numista catalog: Requests to modify Numista online catalog
  • Numista website: Questions about Numista, suggestions and bug reports
  • Free discussion: Chitchat about any subject (providing the subject follows the above rules)
  • MPCC: A coin contest.
Make sure your message is in the right forum category. A message posted in the wrong category will be moved by a moderator.

We also point out that your messages must comply with the terms of use of Numista.

(Thank you ZacUK for your translation of the policy from French!)

Used time zone is UTC+1:00.
Current time is 04:49AM.