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This message aims at: suggesting an idea to improve Numista

[Forum] Allow voting against a suggestion
Status: Implemented
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I think it's evident that we need such button on the "Suggestions" category. Otherwise we will never know the number of people who are for and number of people who are against an idea. Many members won't take the effort to write a comment. Furthermore the "Thumb up" that appears after the title of the topic when 2 people have hit the "I like this suggestion" button is currently worthless. For example if more people have commented that they don't like it, there will still be a thumb up after the title of the topic when 2 members have hit that button.
I like this suggestion. I also think that when/if implemented it will be worth showing both number of people who like it and number of people who don't (instead of a potential of showing just one number reflecting the shift to one or the other side). I mean, for example, 5 for, 2 against instead of just 3.
So for MPCC we could use that function for 1 or 2?!
Yup, I give my seal of approval!
Maybe increase the functionality to add voting buttons when a thread is created, similar to the voting button on Outlook?

So for here, a like and a dislike button.
For the MPCC, a 1 and 2 button, etc.
I'm not an expert in any kind of coins, but I reckon I'm good at research and will do my best to help. Feel free to tell me my identifications/valuations/gradings are wrong. It's the only way I'll learn.
This is a similar problem with Facebook that has a like button, but no dislike button. Maybe having a dislike and a neutral button can help to tally who is pro and who is against and how may don't care one way or the other.

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I agree we should have such a button.
I would like to support all these arguments and I would like such a button. This would help to gently indicate in any topic a negative reaction without unnecessary comments (to avoid a dispute).

Thank you.
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( I approve, of course ) it's already up there
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You can now downvote a suggestion or any ticket :)
Status changed to Implemented (Xavier, 16-Jun-2020, 11:27PM)
Thanks Xavier,
bug in french site (solved)
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It's fixed :)

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