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This message aims at: suggesting an idea to improve Numista

A user can block other users of Numista to stop receiving PMs and swap proposals and stop seeing their messages on the forum
Status: Implemented
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I Propose A Blocking Feature For PM, Swaps And The Forum, For Certain Members, And Then On The Settings Page A List Of Your Blocked Members Where You Can Unblock, This Can Stop/ Cut Down Drama Too!
Keep on Liking The Idea! I Think We're Close To It Getting Added!
20 votes, seems people like my idea...
I will keep pushing it up until it is approved... currently 30 votes status opened.

I just implemented a blocking feature. If someone harasses you, first step would still be to report the behaviour to moderators, but you can also block that user. Both options are available from the profile of the user.

Once blocked, a user can not send you personal messages or initiate swaps with you.

If you wish to unblock, a similar link will be visible on the profile of the user.

I didn't implement the list of users you blocked. I don't think it's a must-have. Let's use this feature for some time and see if we need the list of not.

The blocking feature has no action on the forum at the moment. I'm not sure how this should behave. If I block someone, how should that apply to their messages on the forum? It should not prevent them from posting on the forum at all (if this is needed, moderators can ban the user from the forum), so should I just have their messages just skipped in the list of messages? or concealed (maybe with an option to view anyway)? Would that really help? Until those questions are answered, I guess banning by the moderators will be enough.
Status changed to Implemented (Xavier, 2-Jan-2020, 05:35PM)
I think this ban shouldn't affect the forum. Just imagine a situation when someone blocks you, but at the same time participates in the same forum conversation as you. If you don't see each other's posts, it can mess it up for both sides.
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I hope this blocking thing will stay as intimate between the two parties only.
Very Sad to see this new feature, it will help scammers, they will scam and then block you .

I don't think this is an appropriate tool at all ,If you don't want to read any message simply delete it ,Something we are angry and we will block any one but once blocked the person on the other side has no way to communicate and tell his side of story.
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So what, a scammer wouldn't answer you anyway and is off and gone after he fleeced the unlucky and the gullible.
For the other point there seem to be people who open swaps every day or so even when you tell them that they got nothing to offer, other times there are petty people messaging you for trivialities discussed a hundredfold ... I think this is an appropriate tool for such instances.
But I don't think this should touch the fora, we don't need to use it like the feminists and sjw's of tumblr and co. to not have to see a differing opinion of any kind or shelter hurt little fee fees etc.

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