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Hello everybody, I'm looking for this Cuban visitor coin. it seems that is quite hard to find...
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Welcome to Numista. That coin does indeed seem not to be common. There are currently no members who has that coin for swap.
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Yes :(
I wonder if someone wants to trade/swap this coin? even if they only have one of this coin. Thanks again.
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Hi Abeblond,

I have been looking for the same coin here in Miami for some time. Surprisingly, I still have not see one here. It is not an easy coin to come by. If I do happen to come across this coin, I can let you know. Thanks,

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Modern Cuban coins are hard to find in the U.S.A., as until recently, it was illegal to travel directly to Cuba from the U.S.A..

The Convertible Peso is now the only currency for foreign tourists in Cuba.

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I checked all online stores of Brazil and didn't find this coin for sale either.
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After 4 years of living in Miami and actively pursuing this coin, I finally found one. It was XF or better and I got it for $5, which is a steal in my opinion. I have seen hundreds of the INTUR $.05, $.10, and $.25, and a few of the $.50 coins, but the $1 peso is very tough to find. The $.01 coin is also quite tough.
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Want to sell it?

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