Anyone Collect Sample Slabs? [solved]

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The true sample slabs are slabs given away by the grading services at coin shows which are intended to advertise the grading service itself or to show off a new change in their product design (New design, new label, new hologram etc).

I have 6 PCGS Sample Slabs 2 of them are rare.

This is a site I use to identify them
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Howdy Ed of Arizona. On Coin Talk I saw a slab collector, actually several.
Gary in Washington
Mr. G. S. Dykes
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Gary: SoOooOoo nice to hear from you. Yea I know the guys on Coin Talk. I was just wondering if any member on this site collected them. Ed
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I started to a while ago but gave up to concentrate on other things. I have about a half dozen or so.
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