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I think that strong consideration should be given to a drop down list to provide consistency to the shapes entries. I think that providing shape names in a drop down list would also help with those shapes that are unusual i.e. not round or square.

I have participated twice in the CCIP improvement project for shapes and each time have seen many coins without a shape entered because I suspect that the submitter did not know what to call it.
Status changed to Accepted (Xavier, 30-Jul-2019, 01:56PM)
Just seen a drop-down shape menu - I guess that is a new feature. :)
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The shape has been changed to a dropdown list instead of a free text. This ensures consistency, no typo and easier translation. It's also possible to select "Other" and add more details.

I kept most of the existing shapes, but we may want to reduce the list of possible shapes in the future.
For instance, some coins have "klippe" as a shape, whereas they could also be considered as "square" (not the be confused with "round with 4 pinches") or "octagonal (8-sided)", which itself might confused with "square with angled corners". Other dubious shapes include "scyphate" and "cob".
I also see a lot of mix-ups between "square", "rectangle" and "rhombus", not sure how we can improve that.

I still need to make some changes on the advanced search by shape before considering this as implemented.
Status changed to Started (Xavier, 19-May-2020, 11:43PM)
I just notice it and that's already a very nice step ! As for metal we will need some adjustement and I think something like fantasy shape will be needed for Niue issues in all kind of shape.
The most important is to keep most of the common shape in the list to facilitate auto translate process.

Thanks it's a very good news!
Always look on the bright side of life!
Maybe change Pentagonal to Pentagonal (5-sided) to make it
like some others, such as Octagonal (8-sided) for example.
In the list Hexadecagonal (16-sided) is in there twice.
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Maybe this is something that an overnight update will fix, but surely it
still should not happen, as these three below appear on a search for missing shape >

Each page does have the shape on it, and ten minutes ago they were not on the
same search, so they are recent. Additionally a few days ago I made an amendment request
for an older coin that had a shape missing, and it got approved today, yet the page still did
not show the shape. I made a new request quoting the old amendment reference.

Are both those related to the new menu I wonder?
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It is getting worse - since I wrote that earlier, there are 8 more in the search -
all clearly have the shape on the page, yet the search says there is nothing there.
Here are just two of those eight ...
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The count on the search has increased by 20 since last night.
This is just the first of the results, which again already has Round on the page,
so I guess the other 19 would be like this ...
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The advanced search has been adapted to the new way to indicate shapes.
Status changed to Implemented (Xavier, 21-May-2020, 06:02PM)
Yes, it is alright now. Thanks
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I like it but "Round" which is the most common shape is a down the list a bit and you have to hit the scroll bar to get to it. Could the "Round" shape be placed at the top of the list as a kind of default to save having to scroll down to click on it? The rest of the shapes can stay in alphabetical order after it.

Cheers Mike
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