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If you put your coins in albums how do you prefer to store them?

Your first coin e.g Km1 in the first page top left, or in the last page bottom right...

Either way you could add coins as they are minted and add pages as necessary, but just wondering if there is a secret code, or a wiser way to do it.

I have done it starting from the last page bottom right before so this will be my first option, but open to hear your experiences, the reason for this topic is that I will have 9 albums done in the following months and I will not change the other later on, so I prefer start on the right way.
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I also have quite a few albums, but I use mine in a completely different way than you do.
When I started my collection, my coins were just added into an album wherever I found a space. After a while, I realised that I was buying coins that I already had, so changes had to be made.
I removed every coin and firstly, sorted by continent, then by country.
I then started my own database and began listing them in order. So, Jersey became number 1, then Guernsey, Ireland, Isle of Man, Portugal, Spain and so on. At that time I had aound a 1,000 coins from 78 countries, with New Zealand being the last.
So, each album was the used to store coins of a number of countries with the smaller coins at the front with the larger coins at the back. Later, when these albums became over loaded, I decided to have separate albums for small and larger coins and that is how they are organised today.
I do not add them into a specific order as that would mean leaving many empty spaces. As long as I place them into the album under the registered country number, ie Jersey no.1, then I am always able to find the coins I need the check.
If, as is the case now, I have more than one country on a page, due to me not having many coins of those countries, they are left like that, but should one country start to out grow that page, then than complete page is rorganised, with some sort of order being maintained, which is usually by face value.
I think I have 14 albums now with countries from 1-307
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Thank you coinman

I should be maybe a bit more specific... 3 of the albums will be for a full country collection including commemoratives, proof, etc.

so this collections are expected to grow as they mint more coins...

as for the others I have a more open minded way as you mentioned different countries adding as they arrive, etc.
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Three albums you keep exclusively for a country must be a serious sight to behold.
I have two of the previously mentioned albums just for Euro coins, although many collectors do not like them.
Face value of 1/4 - 2 Euro in one album and the remainder in th other. These are listed by country not number, although they are still listed by number on my main database.
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Fun when I started all my world coins fit in two 4 inch note book. I put a page with country name then I would put bank notes then the coins. In alphabetic order. Now iam up to about 70 note books. My Germany ,all of them, take about 7 note books. But I start with the lowest value then go up. And follow are catalog. But always start in upper left hand corner . But I use a whole room for my collection. And have 5 shelves unites With A,B,C and so on. But for Germany, Uk, Canada and Mexico I have a shelve unite just for them.
AT THIS TIME IAM NO LONGER SWAPPING. I need too put things in order. And take some time off. Thank you yours daryl
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Three albums you keep exclusively for a country must be a serious sight to behold.
I have two of the previously mentioned albums just for Euro coins, although many collectors do not like them.
Face value of 1/4 - 2 Euro in one album and the remainder in th other. These are listed by country not number, although they are still listed by number on my main database.
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From lowest denominations up. As I collect by year and mint, it will be a lot of albums in the end.
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I keep coins alphebetically A-Z.
Thank you.
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For me, the second best thing is to show my collections.

So if I order them by KM, value or size, then it would be a bit boring for those who are not in the stuff.

Therefore, I order them by country, 1, 2 or 3 each album, depending of the amount of the coins I have.

Then, in each country, I would separate common circulating coins from commemoratives, and try to make series; like XX anniversary of the independence, fauna, historical events, themes. I feel in this way, "general" people would enjoy it more. I also put a white paper sheet between pages, and I print in them the details of the coins, so people can understand why they were minted.

I also have an album with fun things, like coins of wood, bone, ceramic, bamboo, old chinese with odd shapes, Zamunda, lord of the Rings and Harry Potter coins, double face peace dollar, guitar, motorcycle and country shaped coins, and all that stuff (even if they are not real coins), that can attract the attention of viewers.

I prefer to make my collection attractive rather than "technical".
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I gave up on albums and went to 14 inch double row boxes...
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My collection is ordered by country then by year then by KM.
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I usually have lowest KM number top left and then work from there.

If it's a country I have almost completed then I will leave a space for the coins I haven't got.

If it's a country I'm nowhere near completing then I'll have them all together and then reshuffle when I get a new coin.

In the case of UK where I have quite a few coins then I will start a new page for each monarch.
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I have 3 albums.

In one album I have these 8 pockets per country for 1c-2€. 3 countries per page. In second album there are pages for 2€ commemoratives, ordered by country and then by year. In third album I have more pages with 2€ commemoratives since there are really lots of them. I think I am currently at number 193 and I don't collect German mints and colored coins. At the end there is a page with 12 25Kuna coins and pages with 2 Pound commemoratives and 3€ commemoratives.

US State Quarters and other world coins are still not in order and I am thinking how to order them since I often have only 1 coin/country-territory.
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My coins, with some exceptions, are ordered by diameter (small, medium or large), country, historical period and face value; euros and Soviet coins are kept separately. I really don't know how to escape the following undesirable trilemma: a) keeping coins in random order, b) leaving too many gaps, c) rearranging coins whenever I get something new.
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I order the countrys in A-B order, and in each country - by coinage/politacal periods, and in each period by face falue.
Onc in a while, when there are enough new coins - I get some new pages and reorder. But I allways make a gap for new coins, between each period - for new coins. When the gaps are full, I buy new pages and so on...
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Hello JustforFun.
I hope that you do not start already the organizing of your coins.
The better and more useful in my opinion are 5 albums.
1)America North and South.
4)Australia and Oceania
Pesonal i have add 1 more, Balkans.Many coins from these countries,especially from Yugoslavia.
Also and you can make as your prefer,put Japan alone and not with Asia or Oceania.

The organize inside the sheets are as the catalog of En Numista for each country.Nice and Easy.

By the way,thanks again for the fantastic coin of China - Japanese puppet states :)
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There are as many criteria as collectors.

My albums are as follow:
1 for old Austria and Holy Empire, sorted by Emperor :D, starts 1200 or so,
1 for former Austrian Empire (modern countries Austria, Czech rep, Hungary, etc),
2 for countries around the Mediterranean sea clockwise, one from Spain to Greece, and one for Turkey to Moroco, quite thick,
3 albums for the countries I crossed during a sailing trip from France to Australia,
1, and soon 2 albums for coins and tokens with sailing boat designs, all countries, sort order changes according to newcomers and mood, and where aesthetics count a lot.
I also have 2 small albums for Mexico & Brasil, and India & Pakistan.
All but the first and ship albums are 20th century, sorted by country, and inside more or less date and size (to fill the pages, in albums the size is always a problem particularly for small countries that have few large coins).

So don't feel stuck by 1 single pattern !
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Just a little update.
Three of the albums are exclusively for First Day Covers, although I think I will soon need a fourth as they are becoming heavy

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