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Hello friends,

Just a little tip of what's going on in the moderation side, and a semi FAQ for any of you who need our help. Please feel free to ask any questions in this thread :)

As far as I'm aware there's currently 2 active moderators on the English side of the forum - ZacUK and myself.

Some things we CAN do: (Use a report or PM us)

Ban users who are being prats on the forum
Edit and move posts

Some things that I can do: (PM me please or report - Zac may not have time or be unsure how to proceed)

Check for multiple accounts
Spot people shill voting on the MPCC
Spot more complex account sharing

Some things we CAN'T do:

Moderate or change swap feedback
Hold your hands with swaps
Reset your coin collection (you can do this yourself)
Handle your crazy conspiracy theories. We're just not interested in alien appearances on Mars, edited posts when we'd have no reason to do it, etc
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As far as I know, Xavier updated rights of all moderators. There is a possibility (if that is done one by one) that ZAC was only forgotten.
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