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Having just added three more coins to my collection, that do not seem to have a KM#, I thought I would investigate this a little further.
The country in question is Turks & Caicos Islands.
According to my own database, I have 89 coins from Turks & Caicos, but using the '0' as signifying no KM#, I found 20 without a recognised number.

Do you think they will ever catch up, and if so, will it be the case of buying a new Krause catalogue every few years?
Does anyone have a quicker solution to my hunt for these elusive numbers?
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If they are not in NGC, they haven't been assigned one yet.
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I'm afraid they are of little use.

You find the coin with the KM#, but then there are no photographs. This makes it difficult to discover the exact coin, especially if it is part of a series.
I shall have to find another way
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Do NGC look on Numista to find coins that they have not issued a KM# to?

There are heaps of Australian decimal coins they have missed both prior to 2012 and since then as well.

Someone needs to give them a bit of a shakeup.

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NGC doesn't look anywhere. They get their data from Krause, plus some corrections reported by users.
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I do not believe they will ever catch up. There is just too much work to do for them.
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in my case i added 4 paraguay coins in the last 2 moth.
they are not get in Krausse catalog (i have the latest edition)
3 of the 2015 and 1 of the 2017
Sorry no Swaps. Paraguay Post Office is to risky and they don't allow to send coins nor notes

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