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A few weeks ago, I wanted to figure out which years I have the most coins from (and which years I didn't have any from), and it turned out that Excel export sucks at this - the only available "date" column is the one with the local dates, which has relatively useless numbers for Muslim, Japanese, Thai and Israeli coins (and a few other less common weird cases - Ethiopia is particularly insidious, because their dates are only a few years off).
So I had to do the counting by hand, which took me half a day.

As such - would it be possible to add the Gregorian date (or something equivalent) to the Excel export?
I'm pretty sure a lot of people would want to know which years they have coins from, and right now all the different-calendar stuff makes it impossible to figure out if you export to Excel (even though such an export would feel like the obvious way to figure out stuff like that... really I'm not even sure what it can possibly be used for in its current condition, since we don't do import, but that's another question entirely).

Sorry for the wall of text, incidentally.
(Also sorry if this particular suggestion had already came up - my cursory forum search only found it as a combination with lots of other stuff, and I wanted to mention it individually.)
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I support, I also need it.
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Very good idea.
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Or select one ;)
Some want Arabic or Jewish
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I think it will be helpful.
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The export is now configurable. You may add a column for the year in the Gregorian calendar.
Status changed to Implemented (Xavier, 12-Apr-2019, 10:10PM)

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