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On "Your coins" (which I still reckon sould be called "My coins") there are two pie charts showing the grades and top 10 metals of your collection. You can also see your collection's total weight and your silver, and gold, weight.
To me these stats are very interesting and I would like this to be expanded to show more stats, like "my top 10 countries" in both coins and types. By doing this possible it'll need more space, and therefore I reckon it should be moved to its own tab - My Stats.

It could be designed like the Dashboard, where you can choose which stats you'd like to see. I.e. "My Metals", "My Grades", "My Top 10 Countries - Coins", "My Top 10 Countries - Types", etc. The names can, of course, be something else. Maybe copy the Dashboard's "coins", "types" and just add "metals", "grades", etc.

What do you guys think? Would you like to get more stats about your collection, or is the currents ones enough?
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I really like this idea. Would also like a stat regarding the new classifications of coin type- common coin, circulating commemorative coin etc.
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I'm a stat junkie, can't have too much information.
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Already on agenda of next admin meeting. ;)
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Quote: "pejounet"​Already on agenda of next admin meeting. ;)
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I just added a chart for the coin types :)
I'm not sure "my top 10 countries" is really needed though, as the map already serves a similar purpose.
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Ah, yes, just seen it - thanks. :)
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