How many coins with the images of a coin(s) do you know?

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Looked for the coins with the images of a coin and didn't find many of them - Polish 2004 "History of Zloty", Australian 1994 "Dollar Decade" and 2016 full set of "Anniversary of Decimal Coinage", and two Ukrainian "National Currency" coins (1996 and 2016) - I thought there would be more of them around.
Do you know more of such coins?
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A few of my favourite coins from Israel have images of ancient Judean coins on them such as as these ½ Lira, 50 Sheqalim and 5 Agorot coins. Also the majority of Israeli coins have their designs inspired from other ancient Judean coins. The obverse design of this 1 New Sheqel coin is directly inspired by the obverse design of this ½ Ma'ah-Obol.
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I have a 1979 coin (in a holder) - Isle of Man, history of Manx coinage, with 9 designs on reverse >

My collections >
also 13750057 also 15924495 also 15995337
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Na Slovenskom, v ROKOCH 1993 z roku 2008 bolí natočené 5 Ks s obrazom BIATEC
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500th anniversary of the first TOLIAR coins
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Also I remember this topic from five years ago, where james wolfe showed
the Isle of Man 1991 1/5 Crown he had ...
Commemorative issue:
100th Anniversary of the American Numismatic Association [1 Crown]
My collections >
also 13750057 also 15924495 also 15995337
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Mexico has done many, including whole series':

And on and on and on...

They also did

with the 1st coin ever minted in the Mexico City Mint.

They have also reproduced the designs of old coins in new ones, such as:

Casa de Moneda doesn't mess around...
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The Canadian Mint has a commemorative one right now, that somehow is sold out.

It's a celebration of Canadian coinage.|categorypage|The_Canadian_Coin_Collection_Pure_Silver_One_Kilogram_Ultra-High_Relief_Coin_Mintage_500_2017&#.WU-OEmjyuM8
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Uganda has a whole series with Euro coinage on it:
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New Zealand had one to celebrate 50 years since the issue our first coins

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We have a nice one:
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Soviet Union:
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Kuwait Coin:
featuring another Kuwait coin

Western Sahara coin:
featuring a German coin

that's what comes to my mind now.
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Amer Salmeh
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You should ask coins-on-coin ( He knows so much.:°
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The only one I have (and know about) is a 1974. Hungarian silver 100 Forint commemorative, it has coins of all the former COMECON countries on the reverse:
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1999 Taiwan 10 Yuan - Monetary Reform
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Peru's circulation coinage of 1965 featured the reverse of a coin from 1565, the 400th anniversary of the Lima Mint.
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Trying to get a coin from each UN country with circulating coins. 21 to go!
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In italy we have history of the lira series, 6 silver coins like this one
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From Uruguay:

From Cuba: (some modifications included)
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Have one from Benin commemorating Swiss gold coinage.
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France has some. Liberia had one that commemorates the Krause catalog. I believe the entire prefecture bimetal series of Japan depicts a coin on one side. Coins of China before the socialist Revolution have coins with earlier spade shaped coins. The United States Ben Franklin commem has a coin on it. Thailand has coins that depict early bullet money. Argentina and Peru depict coins from their early history. I am sure there are others.. banknotes have a bunch with coins too.
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What about the 1€ from Greece, facing the Athen's drachma?
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Hungary, 70th Anniversary of the Forint
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San Marino:
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Two 20 Fr. commemoratives from 1998.

There are also the Gold 100 Fr. versions
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Soviet Union:

100 rubles 1988 in gold (non-circulating)
1000th anniversary of Vladimir the Great's zlatnik coin:


2 hryvni 1996 (commemorative non-circulating)
Coins of Ukraine (contains images of all circulating coins):

5 hryven 2006 (commemorative non-circulating)
10th anniversary of the monetary reform (restoration of Hryvnia as Ukrainian national currency):
My (still modest) collection:
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Niue: 1 dollar 2015, Roman coin series:
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Macedonia 1 Denar 2000 Years of Christianity) KM# 9.
On the reverse is hammered Byzantine copper coin.
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There are a few from South Africa:

1992 Silver Rand commemorating the centenary of the production of coins in South Africa:

1993 Silver Rand commemorating the bicentenary of banking on South Africa:

Not really a depiction of a specific coin, but the 1992 Silver 2 Rand commemorating the installation of new minting equipment at the South African Mint had an award-winning depiction of the minting process.

2011 circulating 5 Rand commemorating the 90th anniversary of the South African Reserve Bank:

2015 circulating 5 Rand commemorating the bicentenary of the Griquatown coinage:
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50 bani 2017 Romania ,commémorative mint,containing the images of the first Romanian coins issued in 1867.
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Cook Islands: The Foundation Stones of Australian Coinage Series:

And some other:
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The Australian 2016 set of coins commemorating "50 Years of Decimal Currency" from the 5 cent to the $2 coin has a representation of a pre decimal coin on the reverse.

5 Cent has a 1 Penny on it -
10 Cent has a 3 Pence on it -
20 Cent has a 6 Pence on it -
50 Cent has a Shilling on it -
$1 Dollar has a Florin on it -
$2 Dollar has a Crown on it -

All of these coins can be found in circulation.

Cheers Mike
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Thank you all for your contributions, it seems that now I can start putting together a small collection of the coin-on-coin theme - something I wanted for quite a while though for the budget reasons I'll probably go with non-precious metals only.
So, if you have any of those coins for swap - drop me a line. And please, continue to add more info on this topic - I really appreciate it.
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Here's one from Europe:
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more about the new coins catalogue
the clever way of money transfer
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Ukraine another one:
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There is at least (maybe even more, I'm not sure) 15 Polish coins. Look for History of Polish Coins and History of Zloty series.
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In Argentina the one peso coin 1992-2016 has an image of the first coins. Also, a lot of Argentine coins have the picture of the 1881 patacon, the first coin made by the bank. Also, Spain just made a coin commemorating the dollar coin (odd, right?) heres the pic

Glad to help, Ilan
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Looking for a spanish pesetas, I found this one from São Tomé and Príncipe !
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All of the 500 yen from the "47 prefectures programm" and I think at least on one of the 1000 yen versions
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This one from Paraguay !
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Got one from Argentina:
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The British Virgin Islands $20 coins of 1985 Treasures series has three different designs with coins on the reverse: KM 52, 57 and 66.
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It seems it was not mentioned: a 2011 medio Balboa from Panama:
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Czechoslovakia 50 Korun from 1978
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The circulating Argentinian 1 peso coin depicts the first minted coin in its center.
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Israel 1961,1962 lira coins (replica half shekel of them)

Israel 1973,74,75 Pidyon Haben coins have 7 mini ancient shekalim on them

Israel 5 agorah coin has an accient coin on it.

There are also a few other Israel coins that have coins on them. Just can't think of them off hand...

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Australia has plenty; I'm sure someone else has already mentioned them.

They have coins commemorating the Spanish 8 reales, the "Holey" Dollar and other proclamation coinage, as well as for the 100th anniversary of Australian coinage.
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