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Thinking of collecting some late 1700-earlier 1800 Swiss Cantonal coins but am worried about Chinese counterfeits. eBay would be my source so I would not get to see the coins before buying them. Should the worry of counterfeits deter me or is this such an limited area that a $20 USD Swiss coin from Aargau issued in 1814 not going to be a counterfeit ? Guess my real question is this a heavily counterfeited area or is it of such limited interest that modern counterfeits are not really a concern?
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To my best knowledge you should be fine.
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Not that many fakes of the Swiss cantons and if then it's usually the larger crown sized silver issues.
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Great news. Thank you for the replies.
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I agree with the previous posts. You should be fine until you work up to the larger silver pieces. The early shooting thalers are probably the most common fakes.
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