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Hello to everybody

During a summer vacation at 40 km from the famous Numismatic town of Kremnica, I made a one-day trip to the Mint and Kremnica Mint Museum,
I am accompanied by a wife and two grandchildren who do not seem to be bored

Over 700 years of continuous

I want to share this unusual experience,
It is a small town with a rich tradition in the center of the Slovak Republic, poor accessibility by car but a unique exhibition in the coin museum and a functioning mint continuously for 700 years makes coins even for other states

State Mint Museum of coins Two numismatic shops

Mining of gold and silver mining directly in Kremnica

Also state medals and medals

In that territory

He's also trying to make a token-
Copper was successful .Brass missed , It was not the intention that I was convinced that it also wanted experience

Hi Ivan
AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing.
I absolutely love the cut-out table and pics of the equipment.
That is really cool. Thanks for that.
Ahoj Sir....

Thank You for sharing this wonderful experience with. Its AWESOME! :)
It give us idea how coins were punched .very nice.. THANK YOU ...........
coin collector.....
Thats very cool indeed!
Outings administrator
Very nice my friend. Good to see you got away and had some fun.
It is, what it is.
need info price I want sell one
Thank you for sharing this experience, it must be incredible to be there and be able to contemplate all those treasures.
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Quote: "oynbcn"​Thank you for sharing this experience, it must be incredible to be there and be able to contemplate all those treasures.
​Thank you, colleague.
And now the paradox- then a guy full of strength and unable to knock out a nice coin ( and envy the mint stamp )
After a few years a big change.
now with the problem after illness I will pick up a hammer( too hard on me now) at all and I can stand straight- own coin, own punches at home in the backyard I mint with the precision of a medieval mint master.
I live.
And I wish everyone into the new year not to give up their fate to stand up face the problem and solve them, and live with faith in oneself-

Looks like a very historic place.
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Quote: "Moneytane"​Amazing!!

​Looks like a very historic place.
​Have a nice day.
Yes, it is small a historic town in the mountains, its disadvantage was the availability of roads and railways - it simply did not win the city on the main routes.
,,Moneytane,, -just for fun:
Kremnica received the privilege of operating the mint on November 17, 1328 from the Hungarian King Charles I Robert of Anjou.

Hi Ivan
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