What about this coin?

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Hello everyone.
Does anyone know anything about this coin? It is a coin of Germany of 2 Euro of the year 2010 but with the map of Europe retired in 2006-2007.
Thank you
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please show us the picture
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The Chinese must be counterfeitting bi-metallic coins because there are many details that are very very crude on that.
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I would be careful calling it a fake. In 2007 the Stuttgart Mint made a mistake in the maps.

Email them and ask, they should be able to answer.
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Quote: "gabilife79"
​Hi, it looks like a coin with an error, called mule coin.
They are quite valuable. Look mule coins on eBay.
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Pretty interesting coin, but probably a fake:
- the map does not have the fine dotted structure that is usual on the countries, so "crude" is a proper description
- also the islands (Sardinia, Sicily, ... even Ireland) hardly have any shape. They are just a blob of metal.
- also Bretagne (west coast of France) and the east coast of Spain have the wrong shape

wouldn't give much for this coin ... definitely not €2 ... but it reminds me to keep my eyes open
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I guess, too, that's a fake coin, because the edge on obverse and reverse (in German called "Randstab") is too wide.

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Did you weigh it?
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Yeah it looks a bit like the old fake French bimetallic 10 francs. What's written on the edge?
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Hi again. Weight and edge legend are correct but the distance between last letter with eagle is incorrect. I think definitely is a counterfeit.
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I also think it's a counterfeit. If these show up more (the old UK 1 Pound fakes were commonplace) the ECB might be forced to update the design of the 2 Euro and possibly the 1 Euro as well, just like the UK and Canada did.

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