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Hi all,

This forum is intended for Numista members willing to discuss and share about banknotes, and we encourage anybody to share and discuss within this forum still abiding to general Numista rules and forum policy.

Please note that this forum is for forum purpose only, meaning:
  1. ​there is no separate banknote catalog on Numista;
  2. banknotes are still not accepted within Numista catalog (be at as currency division of a country or as separate section);
  3. any banknote addition to the Numista catalog will be deleted without notice.

Banknotes swaps and trades may be done through this forum but still need to follow Numista rules for swap and sell otherwise the admin team and forum moderators reserve the right to delete posts and act without notice.

Please be aware of the following basic rules to sell through Numista forum.

1. Politeness is mandatory!

2. A member with a warning on his swap page or his profile is not allowed to sell through Numista as long as the warning is present.

3. Selling post minimum requirements:
- Good quality pictures clearly showing obverse and reverse of the banknote for sale.
- A fixed price.

4. A new sale involves the creation of a new thread.

5. Bumping is tolerated but with parsimony.

6. A member asking for free banknotes or coins on Numista will not be allowed to sell through Numista for a subsequent period of 6 (six) months.

7. Selling member minimum requirements:
- 3 (three) months membership.
- Minimum of 12 (twelve) completed swaps rated 10/10 over past 12 (twelve) consecutive months.

8. Exceptional nature of the transaction:
- No recurrent sales.
- Maximum of 1 (one) sale post per week.

9. Mentions that may suggest a sale could occur instead of a swap are not allowed if it is deemed to circumvent above rules.

Posts not complying with above rules may be deleted by moderators at any time without notice and induce a forum ban of 30 days.

Posts deemed to involve suspect activities may be deleted at the discretion of moderators and induce a forum ban of 30 days to ensure proper forum running.
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