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I was just wondering if any other people ever passed by these things at the airport and wished they could get their hands on a coin or two here. Last week I saw some of the new Belarus coins in one of these and I thought, I wish I could ask someone to open it up and I'll swap for cash.

Also I don't know how many times (many many by the way) I've seen discontinued coins and banknotes in these things that are of no use to charity but made me wish I could get my hands on them haha.

Oh well.
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Sorting these bins, and condensing them down to "bigger money", is my dream job.
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I think the companies that have contracts with airlines and airports for disposing of the coins and banknotes collected do deal with coin and banknote dealers for outdated coins and notes (for the coins, they give the charities the value of coins for scrap metal as a last resort).

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I've never seen one, but now I want one. Charity can still have the value!
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Last time i saw one of these was in a gas station in maybe had 10+ kilograms of coins,including some non-european ones,and i dreamed for a second if i had the chance to search all the bin,even if it was practically impossible:)
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I have never seen one but I'll definitely have to keep an eye out now that I know!
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They are put there by coin collectors B)
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Yes. Unchecked large lots of coins. A real collectors dream because so many basic coin packs have been checked before... Here in Finland almost every coin lot has been checked before the coins were put there. (Some flea markets have coin lots made by non-collectors too) Mostly all the coin lots contain about all the coins from the same coutry.
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Set up a fake one somewhere near the original one. Hopefully some people will put their coins into it, and, after a while, take the fake and convert them into notes of the same denomination in the local currency, rounded up. Put that into the real one and you have not done anything wrong!

Just kidding.

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haha, i one once going on holiday with the girlfriend, my brother and his son. there was a sought after football olympic 50p in one, my nephew cried because he wanted it, holiday was ruined before we had even left the country!
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Quote: "Cerulean"​Sorting these bins, and condensing them down to "bigger money", is my dream job.
​I think it's the dream job of any coin collector

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