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I should run a mile in the other direction right? There are several small sets of not common countries on ebay. Also should I be wary of the 50 countries UNC pack that would fill in gaps in my collection.
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Most likely yes! Do you have a link(s)?
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Honestly, if they're modern circulation low-denomination coins from different countries, those are most likely genuine. There's not much motivation to counterfeit coins with so little intrinsic value anyway.
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On the other hand they seem to be extremely over priced.
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I've thought it's better to be safe than sorry and decided to get missing countries the harder way. Half a dozen cu/ni coins can be made for pennies and with cheap Chinese postage the total outlay must come under a pound so there's clear profit if they're selling them for a fiver per set. Additionally a few reviews of a similar looking set of 50 coins to the one I was considering are on Amazon USA questioning their authenticity
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Decades ago when I first started collecting these were available. They still are. I doubt seriously that any of these are counterfeit. They are typically put together by groups like educational coin company out of New York. They literally have ton bins of these coins.

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