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This message aims at: suggesting an idea to improve Numista

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On the exchange page (here I mean), when hovering over a coin we get information about the swapper. Much more useful would be if we could get the personal comment that this swapper wrote about the coin.
This way you can avoid having to load their whole swaplist and ctrl-f to find out the coin offered is a replica/copy/fake, already reserved, not the variety you want or a grade you don't like.

Anyone else would appreciate this option to find a swapper with this one specific coin you're looking for?
Just call me Bram
Already in development. :)
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Just call me Bram
It is there for several months already. Xavier does all the work himself. ;)
Catalogue administrator, You can support my dream of becoming full time worker on Numista through Patreon if you wish:
Up on the list for improvements ...
But only 2 other people would also like to have this feature? No-one else? :.
Just call me Bram
Remember we now have public and private comments ( new management ) , so I think you are talking about public one.

But, in this scenario when I write some comment about any coin, I have to take sure that quality/reserved/copy like comment is in the public field, not private one.

On the other hand, I doubt that private comment could be shown to anyone but yourself.

Nevertheless, it's a good idea
Lets adopt the KISS philosophy, "Keep It Simple Sucker"
Yes indeed. In the new system it of course the public comment that I want to see ...
Just call me Bram
Status changed to Accepted (Xavier, 9-Feb-2019, 04:30PM)
Status changed to Implemented (Xavier, 26-Jan-2020, 02:50PM)
The page showing the swappers for a given coin has just been slightly redesigned. You can now see the grades and public comments associated to the coins for swap.
See for instance:
Xavier, thanks! Looks very good.

Is it then also possible to add this link (» See details for each year/mintmark) to all coin pages (now only available if several yearlines available or when all swappers do'nt fit on three lines). Probably to be renamed too (» See details for all coins for swap)

merci bien!
Just call me Bram
Sure. The link used to show in case there was more than 1 swapper and more than 1 year line. I removed that second condition and kept only the first one.
Firstly I thought that got probs with scripts on page then got what was made. cool
thank you!
mumi numi
Good time-saving feature, thanks!

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