How to undo the deal once confirmed?

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I have a problem with an old "exchange".

For quite some time now since September 17, 2014, with the intention of escaping from the prohibition of postal numismatic exchange. According to a colleague from Aruba, I would send the coins for him to an address in Caracas, Venezuela to some friends of his who would safeguard them and send them by ordinary mail to mine. I did the scanning of the parts to send and he agreed, but I waited to receive the images of his and they never arrived, then I forgot about the matter but now I'm worried that I'm qualified as a person who is dull or irresponsible, a little distracted, yes; But dishonest, never. I have not received more information from him, and recently I have proposed to qualify as if we had received each other, but there is no response either.

Now, I would like to know if there is any administrative way to undo the deal once it has been confirmed by both but the exchange has not materialized.
You do not show any swaps on the road....
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I still see it as something unfinished and stagnant, that should be solved in some way.

Anyway, thank you very much Aaronmgd, for the observation ...
the confirmed-but-not-rated swaps older then certain age (a few months, I believe) are not counted against the "swaps on the road."
Nobody sees them except for you and you swap partner.
So put that 4 years old story firmly behind you.

Thank you Chaosharvard, you are very right, in the end nobody has been harmed was just a cuastion of forms. I will take your advice into account.

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