Value for Isle of Man 2001 - Harry Potter

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i would like to know the value of this coins in the collectionist market.....

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I see them for sale from 5 to 25 dollars on eBay.
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I would say those modern movie or superhero commemoratives will never have a numismatic value and people will only pay more than the material value if they are a really big fan of that movie or comic.
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Alfonz - who knows, maybe future collectors appreciate funny "coins" of "commercial era" of numismatics;). Maybe they try to understand the mindset of 21st century and try to collect all the weirdest ones with last "boring" circulation types.

Among true numismatists, there has always been less interest in modern coins than older ones. There weren't many bank note collectors in 19th century as people of the time saw notes like untraditional new form of money.
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If you have the copper-nickel version of the coin, $8.50 -$12 is a reasonable price range.
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Can you include more info?
I also have an Isle of Man (1987), but it is a one ounce gold piece. The value will depend on its denomination and condition. That should determine whether or not it will have an added premium, raising its value depending on the market.
Simply called "market value".
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It's considered a bullion issue... related to gold value plus a premium.

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