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Hello all,

I recently purchased a pair of Chinese 50 Cash coin coins, one of which I've narrowed down to Emperor Xianfeng and based on the identical markings is of the Boo-yuwan type:

These coins have no date on them, yet the Numista catalog breaks them up into 1853-54 and 1854-55 types. Can anyone help me figure out how to differentiate these two types?

Thank you very much!
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Add a photo of your coins here, then we can help you more. There are some special books to be used, for example Hartill Cast Chinese coins.
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HERE is the relevant excerpt from the catalog ... the coin page should be edited without the catalog these lines are useless.
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Thank you Idolenz and Ollisaarinen! I appreciate the information and the link. In total, I acquired just over a dozen older cast coins and have purchased a copy of Hartill (2nd ed.). The collection I bought also came with a poorly made reproduction Japanese 100 Mon coin. Based on the reported provenance of these coins, I believe it may be a Chinese copy from the early to mid 20th century.

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