Sales policy on Numista

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Please be aware of the following basic rules to sell through Numista forum.

1. Politeness is mandatory!

2. A member with a warning on his swap page or his profile is not allowed to sell through Numista as long as the warning is present.

3. Selling post minimum requirements:
- Good quality pictures clearly showing obverse and reverse of the coin for sale (not generic pictures).
- Weight, metal and diameter of the coin for sale.
- A fixed price.

4. A new sale involves the creation of a new thread.

5. Bumping is tolerated but with parsimony.

6. A member asking for free coins or banknotes on Numista will not be allowed to sell through Numista for a subsequent period of 6 (six) months.

7. Selling member minimum requirements:
- 3 (three) months membership.
- Minimum of 12 (twelve) completed swaps rated 10/10 over past 12 (twelve) consecutive months.

8. Exceptional nature of the transaction:
- No recurrent sales.
- Maximum of 1 (one) sale post per week.

9. Mentions that may suggest a sale could occur instead of a swap are not allowed if it is deemed to circumvent above rules.

Posts not complying with above rules may be deleted by moderators at any time without notice and induce a forum ban of 30 days.

Posts deemed to involve suspect activities may be deleted at the discretion of moderators and induce a forum ban of 30 days to ensure proper forum running.
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