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I'm coming from Italy, San Benedetto Del Tronto on Tuesday to the Vatican and on Friday to San Marino. Who will recommend me the best coin and numismatics deal.
Quote: "MIMAEL" to the Vatican
​Does that mean you'll be in Rome?

If so, I absolutely, 1000% recommend going to Marco's place, 106 Via dei Due Macelli:

Best coin dealer I've seen in Rome, stunning selection with great deals, everything from single digit to five digit items is available.

Check out the People's List of Coin Shops (pinned above Free Discussion) and the Outings section for more.
Yes, Rome tomorrow and San Marino on Friday. Thank you for recommending a coin shop.
with regards to Ivan
Quote: "MIMAEL"​Ahoj
​Yes, Rome tomorrow and San Marino on Friday. Thank you for recommending a coin shop.
​with regards to Ivan
​No problem, say hello to the owner for me! :wiz: I'm planning to go back this coming Christmas myself.

There are a few more shops in Rome listed in the Outings section but that one is by far the best, trust me. It's tremendous, folks. (8
Heat over 43 Celsius in Rome, but what I was looking for I quickly found.
The great disappointment of Marcello is 30 days of summer vacation and the store was closed. I no longer had time to look for another shop so I bought it overpriced in the Vatican.
Sending a photo of the Marcello shop
Yep, that's his place alright.

I'm sorry it was closed, his inventory is truly awesome, and great guy to boot too.
Marco, prices are acceptable according to what was behind the glass on the coins. Definitely great place.
In the Vatican, very expensive coin prices I bought just this

Ahoj Ivan
Ouch... you got overcharged. :(

I also went to the Philatelic and Numismatic Office in the Vatican, and everything was touristy souvenir junk designed specifically to rip us collectors off (in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, of course). Left it a terrible review on it's Outings page.

Tell me about any coin shops you find in San Marino so I can add it to the list!
OK I'm in San Marino The coin store is great and the owner of the super hot I recommend
Perhaps more exciting
For more visits I no longer have the strength and money I spent all for coins My wife no longer wants to go to another store
Hi Ivan
Also added!

That second shop seems to have a lot of seriously overpriced coins, though:

Yes the prices are different low and high but compared to the pious Vatican I did not have a problem to buy I want to add pictures to my home tomorrow tomorrow when someone will be interested
The last photos of San Marino from the first Euro Museum Coins shop, I highly recommend everyone.

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