Weigh scale for beginners? [solved]

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Can anyone recommend a decent, accurate, small scale to weigh coins that isn’t going to break the bank to purchase? I’m still in the semi-beginning stages of collecting, so it doesn’t have to be anything fancy.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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Look on E-bay, there are plenty available for less than 30 euro can run,  but you can't hide...
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I bought a food weigh scale at Walmart mart for about $30. It works well. Got a caliper at home depot to measure circumference. It was more expensive than the scale.
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I use one of these
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Thank you all for your advice. I found one on Amazon that fits the bill perfectly.
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We have accurate 3-digit pocket scales with a standard 100-gram weight here in Hong Kong (usually China) for five euros. As far as I have seen, the weights only differ by maximum 0.02g.
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I had one I borrowed from a dealer and "forgot" to ever give it back, but it broke over a year ago. :D

Now every time I intend to dip into my budget to buy one, I end up finding I've already spent the money on coins.
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