Canadian quarters.

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penny ante
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I have some non-silver Canadian quarters and I want to make a checklist of what quarters I need to make a complete set from 1969 to now. As I search the net I find a lot of coins listed but I do not know which ones are circulating coins (which i will be looking for) and which are not.

My question is, are there a list of quarters somewhere on the net that will tell me which is which? Thank you all in advance.

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Mr. Midnight
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Hello, and welcome!
Canada sure has produced a lot of commemorative quarters!
In the Numista catalog for Canada, starting on page 9
it does appear that each and every type has "circulating", or Non-circulating" specified
in its data section.
12 and a half pages of quarters at 20 per page,
bon chance!
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With this search you'll find all 94 circulating 25 cents from Canada from between 1969 and 2018

In cointype you can specify if you're looking for circulating or non-circulating.

happy collecting!
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penny ante
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Thank You Mr. Midnight and BramVB. It's not quite what I was looking for but it will help me.
It is, what it is.
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