Haiti 1986 5 centimes coin

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Did anybody see this coin in reality? it seems to be a mistake in Krause catalog. My Schoen Catalog 45 ed. doesn't report any 5 centimes of Haiti issued in 1986, only 1995 and 1997 (KM154a).
I found this coin on Google Images:

4 members claim to own it on the Numista page, so it seems that it exists; perhaps Schoen is mistaken?
The image you attached may be from 20 centimes, this coin was issued in 1986 for sure. It is not a confirmation.
I asked 3 person on other site who declare to have coin 1986 but nobody confirms it. Maybe somebody here can confirm existence of the coin. But to my mind Schoen is right and Krause is wrong.
Km154 it is in another composition...or not?
If you trust Krause, yes it is. It should be Cu-Ni-Zn, but all coins I know and saw are magnetic and issues in 1995 or 1997 (KM 154a). That is why I ask a community if anybody has non magnetic 5 centimes of Haiti issued in 1986. I have doubts it was issued.
If you look ucoin do not appaer...on colnect who says he has a different year...so i think you are correct...do not exit...maybe a sort of pattern?
NGC has it listed ,but not pictured.
Quote: "Beekeeper"​NGC has it listed ,but not pictured.
​Unfortunately Krause is unreliable source of information now. I trust Schoen more.
I asked a few members I know on the Colnect about KM154 (who marked KM154 as "in collection"). Nobody confirmed 1986 issuing year, only 1995 and 1997. One user reported about 1991 year, but I think it is 1997 in fact.
So I assume KM154 is a mistake in Krause and 5 centimes were really issued only in 1995 and 1997 as Schoen catalog repots.
I will always go with Krause and its hundreds of contributors, (Schon included) and relationships with dozens of government mints and experts. I certainly hope Numista does not change listings based on opinion...it is still hard to get Numista to do things based on fact in some cases.
I realise this has been dormant for a couple of years but, in the intervening time, has anyone come up with any evidence for the existence of the 1986 5 centimes beyond its inclusion in some editions of KM?
Not that I have any direct knowledge of the existence or not of this coin, but a search on Colnect shows this coin was issued in 1986. There is a picture of such a coin showing the obverse and reverse sides. I suppose it's theoretically possible that someone used the obverse of a 1986 20 centimes coin with 1997 reverse 5 centimes coin but I think (hope) that's farfetched.

Actually, looking at the two images they don't look like they're of the same coin at all. The observe is dull, slightly yellow and has a grey ring around it, whilst the reverse is bright, silver-coloured and has no ring around it. I don't know how Colnect operates but this does look like a "filler" until images of a real coin can be acquired.
That is my opinion too, these are pictures from two different coins.
Agree. When I looked at the pictures closer after sending the reply I came to the same conclusion. If they are of the same coin they certainty were taken at different times under different lighting conditions. That would mean that someone knowingly doctored the page. Is it common practice to create "fillers" like this? Also notice how they list the mintage as "unknown."
Quote: "ceh2019"​I realise this has been dormant for a couple of years but, in the intervening time, has anyone come up with any evidence for the existence of the 1986 5 centimes beyond its inclusion in some editions of KM?
​No, but if it was only made in a limited series, we might NEVER see one, so no proof for or against the existence, but please ask the 4 mem
bers claiming to have it, to send their images!
Coin variants in English:
In French on Cobra's site (not the same)
I have sent 15 messages to active users on colnect about the coin, I have 9 replies as of now. Nobody yet confirmed non magnetic 5 cent 1986. It is first case in my collecting history I cannot find at least reliable image of a really issued coin, even for very low mintage cases.

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