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I want to buy good metal detector for beginners.
Anyone has any experience with metal detecting for coins?
I want to get max price 200 euro ..
Here's my answer from about a year ago in a similar topic:

I do a bit of metal detecting, here's what I learned so far:
1) Check your local laws and make sure you're not braking any, some countries have strict laws prohibiting metal detecting while others don't have any, most are in the middle.
2) Unless you wanna spend your days digging up trash (bottle caps, soda cans etc) get a good detector. Anything cheaper than a Garrett 250 is a waste of money and those aren't cheap so make sure this is a hobby you wanna pursue.
3) Be patient and take your time to learn your detector, it might seem simple at first glance but metal detecting actually requires a lot of experience and knowledge to be done right. You'll most likely spend hours if not days without finding anything even in an area with rich history. There aren't treasures buried at every corner and finding something interesting can take a very long time.
4) Don't expect to get rich off of it. If you make back the money you spent on a detector within a year or two consider yourself very lucky. Sure, some people had very valuable finds but chances of that happening are the same as winning the lottery.

I'll just add to this that the Garrett Ace 250 costs around 250e if new. You can probably buy a used one for less if you're willing to take on the risk of buying a used item. The cheap detectors you'll regularly see being sold online for about 100e with the seller claiming they're great and putting up pictures of gold coins next to them are a waste of time and money but if you don't believe me buy one and find out for yourself. :)
Quote: "VintageCoin"​Hello.
​I want to buy good metal detector for beginners.
​Anyone has any experience with metal detecting for coins?
​I want to get max price 200 euro ..
​Along with the good advice given by cro321, here is a good site to check, that may be of help to you ~ - I checked also the Kellyco site, but I am not sure the extent of their worldwide shipping. The company i have linked ships worldwide, except to countries with trade restrictions. The Tesoro detectors on the linked page offer some lower priced models, and these are good quality machines. (I have a Tesoro Cortes, which is a more expensive model, due to it having more features- but i know people that have used the basic models, and have found them to be very good). These are also lightweight machines, so you can detect all day without getting tired. For your budget, this would probably be your best choice to get a new, quality detector. A more expensive, mid-range detector I have found to be excellent is this one: (also lightweight, and have found some great coins and relics with this one). Higher end model that I am looking to get when able, as have seen from what friends have found what this can do: ~ And to reiterate what cro321 said, stay away from the cheap unknown brands (these are often sold in department stores, and also some electronics stores- but they are basically useless, cheaply made, and will lead to disappointment). If you have a shop locally that is an authorised retailer of quality metal detectors, that is An excellent place to check. If not, check with the people at the site i linked, and I have contacted them via phone to ask questions about machines, and they were very helpful and informative. Good luck and feel free to ask questions, will help to my ability :)
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Quote: "VintageCoin"​Hello.
​I want to buy good metal detector for beginners.
​Anyone has any experience with metal detecting for coins?
​I want to get max price 200 euro ..
​By the way metal detecting is forbidden where You come from. :-)
to be honest, I'm interested in these metal detectors
how do these metal detectors work?
I started in the 1970's - and recently got this toy one for £1 at a local church sale ...

It still works, as my father knows a farmer, who recently lost his keys in a field,
so he lent him my detector, and he found them. :8D
My collections >
also 13750057 also 15924495 also 15995337
I used to detect before I started collecting coins.
usually, what you pay for is what you get.

a good detector will set you back at least 700USD, you might find good used ones cheaper.
the entry models (there might be others since, as I have not detected for a long time) such as the Fischer F2 or the Garrett Ace 150 are ok to find things but most people with such detectors usually quit the hobby after a year or two.
I still have a Garrett AT Pro, which is not the best Detector but still quite good.
I might manage to take it out on a treasure hunt if I find time, unfortunately the past two years I couldn‘t.

and yes as stated above, before starting get acquainted with the rules in your country.
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I am looking for a metal detector as a gift for a friend of mine that is doing that for a long long time. To cut it short this is my best friend from childhood and I want to make a special gift for him. This is kind of a hobby of his, and he is doing it will real pleasure. I was looking for a metal detector to give it as a gift. Frankly speaking, I've found an article about the best metal detector, and according to this information it will not cost too much so I can easily afford it. Hope that my buddy will like it as much as I do when I firstly saw it
i'll offer you the minelab GO-FIND metal detector. this one is great for a beginner (:

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