Redundant page when uploading new coin?

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I guess not all will agree on this one, but every time I upload a new coin, I always go and check it. Along I also add number of coins and doubles I have.

After upload a new coin this page comes up:
The coin called "Car Wash Token - Car Wash (Chisalba)" was successfully added. It will soon be checked by a Numista team member.
Before the validation, only you can see the page and you can edit and complete the information you entered: see the coin.
Thank you for your participation to the catalogue!

Immediately when you go to the page of not yet published coin there is a lettering:
This page has not been published yet.

Why not joining these two remarks only to the coin page into light blue field - since newly added and not yet approved coin should anyway be only available to user who added this coin and to referees. To me this extra middle page is simply redundant. So, after user uploads the coins, next page is already new coin page. Though I don't know the whole history of these pages, when they were set up.

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This intermediary confirmation page has been deleted. You will now be directly land on the new coin page after you submitted the creation request.
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Thank you.

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