Canada 1976 one cent, possible error

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Thanks for your help
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Interesting, May be a flawed planchet or a rippled coin please look at
well it not letting me do a link and look under errors
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the surface texture is probably from a long life in the weather,
but that ridge across ELI and behind the queens head could be from a cracked die.
too far gone to be sure.
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ok thanks first I thought maybe cleaned with steel wool or a hard brush..
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On the left leaf, there seems to be a raised line. This could mean a damaged die ─ some dent that would obviously show as a raised line on the coins struck with it.

And yet, since both sides are very similar in their appearance, it is likely to be something like acid or some other form of post-mint damage. The striations, however, are much too regular to be the result of harsh cleaning. They look like striation lines that are produced when the sheet of metal is planed down to the right thickness before blanks are cut out of it.

The specialist who would know best is John Regitko who publishes a regular series on Canadian error coins in Canadian Coin News (published twice a month and usually available at Chapters and other stores with a large selection of magazines).
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ok thanks you to all for your time

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