kiang nan province one teal coin

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I can not identify this coin anywhere,find coins that are close
Is it a fake or does it have any value it weighs 27.5 grms 44mm Diameter colour is bronzey
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Can you please show the other side as well?
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It is screaming 'fake' at the top of its voice.
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Quote: "ArnoV"​It is screaming 'fake' at the top of its voice.
​Yep, 105% fake I'm afraid.

One Tael coins from Kiangnan province are fantasy designs, but you can find it on Numista here:

The dragon on the reverse being smaller is always a big red flag.
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Thanks for the info
This coin is slightly different as on the dragon side it has eight dots either side of dragon
On the reverse side it has CH on right side top and the emblems either side in the middle are different

But as you say looks a fake

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