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Display the currency name on coin pages
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Hi everyone,

When you search for a coin, eg I just looked for a Polish 1 złoty from 1990:

The series information is included in a heading before the listings, eg:

Poland - Third złoty (1949-1994)
100 Groszy = 1 Złoty

However, once you go into a listing, that information is not there, eg:

I think it would be helpful to have those two lines repeated in the listing somewhere for easy reference.

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If you hover over the abbreviation PLZ that is shown in the blue rectangle at the individual coin page, you will see "Third złoty (1949-1994) (Poland)". But the information that 100 Groszy = 1 Złoty is missing and I strongly suggest it to make easily available. With this particular example it is not that hard, but if you want to know that in the Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia in 1815-1862 when the Scudo was used the units were 100 Centesimi = 1 Lira • 6 Lire = 1 Scudo • 40 Lire = 1 Sovrano, it is really difficult to find this information quickly.
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Agreed, and supported. :`

It must be pretty confusing to the average user unused to complex monetary systems and obscure units, to get their head around an old currency.
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Ah I hadn't actually noticed that - I'd seen the full reference title when you hover over it, but hadn't paid enough attention to the monetary unit underline.

Re having the information about sub-units, there are plenty of examples where units have changed over time but with the same or similar names - UK coinage changing over to decimal for instance.
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The currency is now displayed on coin pages.
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Thanks Xavier, looks great!

I appreciate all you do for the community.

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