1922 Germany porcelain 30 Mark

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Dear all,

From Google translation, it says “financial aid to German students”

But was it issued just to carry the above message or by some organisation promoting the financial aid?

why is there an angel bound by a rope?

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Well beyond the possibility that it's just a simple artistic decision... maybe it's a metaphor for German students without financial aid having to find work to support themselves?
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It is a very beautiful piece. I went way further in to angel lore than I ever wanted to just googling this thing, not to speak of gay goth porn. :o Berlin in 1922 , just imagine...!
I wonder too about that sign on the back - the crossed up and down arrow - could not get google to reveal its meaning to me.
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The catalogs (in German) list the known porcelain coins (with denominations) and medals, but they do not explain all the imagery.

Many of the porcelains are lottery tickets, with unique numbers on each medal.

In my opinion, this coin was sold to raise money for a student aid fund.
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Thank you for enlightening. Really helpful

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