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does anyone know the mintage for these coins?
regards Catalin!
Mr. Midnight
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I suppose you have located the Numista pages and looked at Kraus for these pieces.
you might not have wasted our time by giving us Numista page numbers or KS numbers.
please illuminate your coins when taking pictures, and crop the images before posting.
these pics are almost useless.

your last example I know :
the others i could not get a clue.

in every case, I believe the answer to your question is no.
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The mintages will be impossible to find out. I doubt the authenticity of the fist coin.
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Quote: "Mr. Midnight"​in every case, I believe the answer to your question is no.

​It is not surprising when coins from before the 20th century have no record of their mintage; particularly coins from smaller states such as those.
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