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I have noticed an upswing of gimmick coins, counterfeits and even blatant play money being listed in this part of the forum. Seriously there should be minimum standards. Some of the junk coming in can not be by people who are so stupid they can believe its real.

Some of the rubbish there in the past month.

1. At least 3 threads on fake 19th century US coins (Morgans and Seated Liberty's)
2. One guy who is angry his 70 centavo play money coin is not real.
3. One thread I got a roasting over for some guy claiming his/her fake Chinese knock off Trade Dollar and other Chinese play money was illegal junk (A fake Hong Kong Dollar dated 1866 with King Edward VII on it - ruled 1901 - 1910).

We should have rules for the Coin identification thread -

1. You must check your coin/medal on Numista's catalogue first and only ask if you can't find it. I assume most users here have at least an AVERAGE level of intelligence. I am sure special needs/intellectually disabled people could not navigate this site - so searching the catalogue should not be rocket science.

2. If you coin was bought in China or off Ali Baba, and its an American or British coin dated before 1920 or a large European silver coin - You know its a damn fake - don't ask.

3. If its play money or a souvenir coin/token/tourist gimmick - state that it is.

4. If you choose to list it - Please mention where you got it and any previous history (Owners etc) if you know it. If you bought it from a bourse or a stall, or if Grandma Prokenius Ancienta gave it to you - tell us.

5. Include a proper title, - not "Old coin" - "Help needed". At least guess where the coin is from and its age or value - "19the century copper coin of Europe" "2000s fake Morgan dollar from China.

6. These threads should be policed by moderators, anyone listing multiple fake coin/ gimmick or incredibly stupid threads, should be black listed.

I am more than willing to moderate.
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Hi Moneytane,
I can certainly see where you are coming from after being a collecter and hearing about all these types of fakes. However lots of the time I see new members and people here with no experience in what they are asking and hoping that it's valuable. I am sure I asked some pretty dumb questions when I first joined numista, but I just didn't have the experience to know that what I was asking about at the time was stupid. Whenever I did ask a ridiculous question as a new member I was always answered by the patient people here, with more experience then me and who knew that I had no idea about the subject. Also just remember that you don't have to feel required to respond to that person if you feel that they will only waste your time.

I hope my answer dose not come across as rude in any way this is just my opinion on the matter. ;)
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Hey Tane,

I actually did write up a few rules and guidelines a while back for the ID forum:

Your points 4 and 5 are basically already covered there (even if new people don't always bother reading it!), but as for the rest I'm not so sure- many times we get new members asking about coins they know literally nothing about, and if it's a fake/souvenir/token, many times the poster is posting there because they have no idea what it is.... it's easy enough for you and me to see if a coin is a "2000s fake Morgan from China", but to someone who's never touched an old coin before in their life it's different.

Like XRY already said I suppose we just have to be more patient with the less-informed on the ID forum- after all, that is the purpose of it! (Although I can definitely see why you might be frustrated; a while back I remember there was a particularly thick new member asking for a valuation of his Filipino coins, but he refused to even show the reverse of the coin even after I asked 5 times, and then accused me of being "degrading" for asking. ``- *facepalm*)
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