All coins from all countries around the world [solved]

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Hi. I'm a beginner collector and my dream is to collect all coins from all the countries around the world in circulation at the moment (for example - Romanian coins now in circulation are: 1, 5, 10, 50).
So I want to make an coin album categorized by continent and country and I need any idea to create it.
Also I'm open to swap coins.
All coins from all countries in the world.
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Hi Nickolas,
The best way to get a catalog of all coins from all countries is to use the catalogue here. The organizers of this site have done a tremendous job of catagorizing the coins of each country. Just use this database as a guideline, cross-reference it with a map or atlas, and you're on your way.
You'll also find this site helpful in locating people world wide who are willing to swap coins with you.
Enjoy and good luck on your quest.
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Welcome to the site! :`
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Welcome to Numista! One way is to print all the flags of the world and put them along coins:

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The first question is how to store his collection.
- 2x2 coins holders,
- transparent sheets, in order to be able to touch his coins
- other types of storage ...
You can find with the "search" engine so many thread dealing with this subject ...

Then "circulating coins" is itself a large subject of debate :D
And at last "countries" is an endless subject of polemic :8D
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Hi, I'm sure you'll enjoy the journey and will get great use out of the expansive numista catalogue.
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To easily see which coins (denominations) that are in circulation in each country, to can check the Wikipedia page for that specific currency. Then you will see most used and rarely used coins/banknotes as well.

Good luck with your collection, and welcome to Numista! :D
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Welcome to Numista!

We all have a different way of arranging our collections. It's really a very personal thing. With that said, and as others have said above, I think the 2x2 flips and clear pocket pages are a great option. I love being able to take the coins out and handle them without compromising them.

If you're interested in swapping I suggest going to the Swaps and Trades forum and posting there. A few tips for swaps: check the rating on the potential swap partners, start small, and know ahead of time if there are any restrictions with your local post that you'll have to get around.

Good luck and have fun! I hope you'll give us updates from time to time.
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