Australian sixpence replicas

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Anto coin
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Hi everyone,
can anyone help me to understand how to recognize an Australian sixpence replica (like that in the link below)?
It's quite similar (or better, identical) to the true coin...
Thanks in advance.
Mr. Midnight
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discouraging isn't it, even the most mundane coins are being replicated these days. 8.

The surface is nickel which has been washed with a kind of carbon black to give it a tarnished silver look. it will have no hint of color. real silver tarnish has rainbow colors in it, which will appear even in the dullest silver under bright light. That's about all I can say, if all you have to go on is pictures on ebay for example.

obvious 'distressing' like wire brush marks, out of character for the grade, is another red flag.
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The real one should weigh 2.82g. If you are purchasing at a shop or coin fair, check first with a neodymium magnet. If it passes this test, then check it with a properly calibrated digital pocket scale. If purchasing from eBay or another online source, sometimes they will have weight listed. If not, ask to know the weight. If purchased through eBay, also if you determine something is off after receiving it, and that it is not real, you are eligible to get your money back.
Anto coin
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Yes Mr. Midnight, today also the coins of no value have a corresponding replica, and unfortunately fake coins are more and more equal to the real ones. I have and I saw a lot of fake silver coins but each one has a detail that permit to recognize it as a fake. I'm not expert in Australian sixpence coins but in that coin there aren't the aforesaid details.
You talked about the colour... generally I use it to recognize silver and I add that the oxide appears greyish-brownish. I’ve never saw the rainbow colours in the most consumed coins, I should try again.
The most reliable way to recognize a fake silver coin remains the weight scale, as Napoleon1 said, but unfortunately it isn’t possible to use it to buy online and some sellers don’t want to take better photos or weigh the coins.
Thank to both of you!
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Its from China - run a f#####g mile!

Chinese junk in a coin mill. The coin may be common, but most Australian silver sixpences are very worn (Except QE2 ones and the 1960 - 1963 era) and this is a chance to get a fairly well preserved one (Looks like a VF copy) cheap.

Still its a fake and no doubt many are bought by swindlers and then palmed off as the real thing to unsuspecting bunnies.
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For such (no excuse) bullsh*t goods, EU should ban access to this crap site of AliExpress until they get their sh*t straight!

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